Dutch Plant Material


Young plants for Alstroemeria, Gerbera, and Rose cut flower production.


Fruit Tree Rootstocks and Varieties

Rootstocks and varieties for apple, pear, cherry, and plum trees.


Tomagro’s Quality Certification

Growing healthy plants means starting with reliable plant material. All the plant material we supply is certified as virus free and 100% true to type.


Virus Free
Quick to spread, hard to control, one of the most severe problems that can effect a grower is a plants being infected by viruses.

The most important starting point in preventing virus to use only plant material that has been certified as free of viruses.


True to Type
Have you ever received a delivery of flower plants only to find that not every plant is the variety you requested? Growing apple trees only to find the the Granny Smith variety you ordered is not exactly a Granny Smith?

The Naktuinbouw guarantee that the variety you order is exactly what you receive. This is done by controlling the mother plant material of all the plants they certify. In principle, this is similar to the system of ‘pedigree’ used to ensure that animals are 100% pure bred.



(Inspection Service for Horticulture)

The Dutch Inspection Service for Horticulture is one of the most stringent plant inspection organisations around the world. Its unique system for certification system ensures that the material you receive is 100% true to type.


Note that not all plant material in Holland receives the Naktuinbouw certification. This is only given to producers who undergo continuous thorough inspection and use only certified growing materials.